Client Stories

Lee's Journey to Redemption

Lee held a steady job with a consistent salary working as a trucker in the oil industry, but his life changed after going through a difficult divorce. In hopes of starting a new life, he moved to Houston where his home was destroyed in the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Determined to power through, Lee relocated to Dallas and went to get his driver’s license renewed. He then discovered that due to an outstanding, eight-year-old unpaid parking ticket in Massachusetts, he was ineligible for the renewal, and therefore unable to resume his livelihood as a trucker. With his savings dwindled from the divorce and loss of his home, Lee was left with nowhere to turn but Austin Street Center.

Not only did Lee find safe shelter with us, but Austin Street Center case managers were able to clear the outstanding ticket, giving him the ability to get back to work. He has also learned valuable financial management skills, including how to save some of his earnings so unemployment and unforeseen circumstances would not leave him without resources in the future.


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