Client Stories

Wesley's Story

“I was a sorry father and a sorry husband. But at age 52, I’m ready to get it together.” Wesley was introduced to alcohol at an early age and was an alcoholic by age 14. He was always able to find steady work as a forklift operator and truck driver, but it was a divorce that ultimately led him into homelessness. Losing his marriage made him apathetic toward his life. He stopped caring about his job and sunk deeper into alcoholism.

While at Austin Street, COVID-19 kept him from finding a job in the first month of his stay. After becoming gainfully employed, he made good use of his time by working with his case manager to create a budget and a plan to find housing. The most important step was to rebuild his confidence and relearn how to make good decisions. “Since I’ve been at Austin Street, I took the time to really see myself and what I have inside of me.” Determined to repair his relationships with his children and to get on a better path, Wesley moved into his new apartment after just three months at Austin Street Center.

“I’ve been a mess-up my entire life, but now I’m committed to being a success this go around.”


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