22nd Annual Humble Beginnings Luncheon Host Committee

Jay McAuley and Frank Mihalopoulos

Lydia and Bill Addy

Candace and Gerald Alley

Nell Orand Beck

Nancy and Randy Best

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blessing

Mrs. Meredith L. Block

Megan and John Burkhart

Fay and George Charalambopoulos

Michael Cleaver

Janis and Roy Coffee, Jr.

Ms. Kelly Compton and Dr. DeWitt McCarter

Angelique and Chad Cranfill

Debra and Michael Decker

Ms. Effie Dennison

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Doherty

Mr. Pat Faubion

Joe Flores

Judy and Jim Gibbs

Christina and Todd Goldberg

Whitney and R.J. Grogan, Jr.

Carol Heller

Christina and Carter Helwig

Ken Hersh

Nancy Ann and Ray Hunt

Dr. Martin L. “Buddy” Hurst

Ashlee and Chris Kleinert

Kline Family Foundation

Kama Boswell Koudelka

Mrs. Sally Berry Larson

Will and Liza Lee

Sarah Losinger

Genny and Chris Mantzuranis

Mrs. Lynn McBee

Karla K. and Mark C. McKinley

Keana and Chairman Morgan Meyer

Vicki and Brian Miller

Jenny and Monty Montgomery

Mary and Howard Moore

James and Reena Morris

Pamela Nelson

Mrs. Connie O’Neill

Susan and James Parobek

Holly and Carlos Peña

Bob and Katherine Penn

Nancy Perot and Rod Jones

Hon. Jeanne L. Phillips

Dr. and Mrs. Claude Prestidge

Carolyn and Karl Rathjen

David Rosenberg

Pat and Pete Schenkel

Jill and Dupree Scovell

Nancy and Jim Skochdopole

Michelle Thomas

Missy and Bob Townsend

Dr. R.  Gerald Turner and Gail Turner

Annette and Jack Vaughn, Jr.

Rod Washington

As of September 12, 2022
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