Making a Difference, One Haircut at a Time

September 6, 2019

For individuals experiencing homelessness, getting a professional haircut is not a priority, and most often not a possibility.

“Haircuts for the Homeless,” a monthly event at Austin Street Center, is a collaborative partnership with The Gents Place, a prestigious men’s hair salon, and Sincerely You, an independent nonprofit which advocates for equal rights and treatment for people experiencing homelessness.

Such a small gesture as a haircut makes a huge impact on Austin Street Center’s clients, further boosting self-esteem and hope for a better life in a world where they often feel invisible.

“Since I’ve been homeless, some people look at me different, but I want to leave the impression that I’m still a good person, capable of being everything I was before,” said Clay after a recent haircut.

In just a little over a year, this event has provided more than 1,000 haircuts and shaves with 100% client satisfaction.

“What I love about this monthly event is that it is the community coming in and circling around our clients and giving them more than a haircut,” said Dustin Perkins, Director of Client Services at Austin Street Center. “The volunteers are also giving a smile, warmth, dignity, love, kindness, and acceptance without judgment.”



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