Volunteer Spotlight on Leah Lucas

August 17, 2017

Austin Street Center is blessed to have hundreds of amazing volunteers who come together to serve men and women experiencing homelessness. We wanted to know more about them, so we’re introducing a series of Volunteer Spotlights. First up: Leah Lucas, a college student who wanted to spend her summer giving back to the community.

How long have you volunteered at Austin Street Center?
I started volunteering at ASC in June 2017.

How did you first get involved with ASC?
I knew I wanted to spend my summer home from school volunteering with a homeless ministry/non-profit. After doing some research I decided on ASC.

What was your first impression of ASC?
My first impression was that ASC really cares about the homeless. They want to do all they can to help this population.

What do you wish more people knew about homelessness?
I wish more people knew that people who are homeless don’t all fit the stereotypes that people assume about the homeless. The stereotype that homeless people made a bad decision, which caused them to be homeless is not true of every person. Sometimes life happens, they can’t afford rent, or the have medical issues that end up causing them to be homeless. Homeless people are just like you and me.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about volunteering?
I think volunteering is a great way to give back. That was my main goal of volunteering was to give back, but something I learned was that I gain so much more than I give. Even if you just volunteer once a month, it’s a great way to give back to the community!

Tell us an interesting story from your time at ASC.
There are so many stories and friendships that I have gained from volunteering that it’s so hard to choose! One of my favorite moments that happened was on my second day of volunteering. I was working the front desk and ended up being the only one working. I was still learning everything, so I was a little overwhelmed. I had a client come up and ask if she could pray for me. Here I was supposed to be helping them, but she helped me remember why I was there!

What has been the most challenging part of volunteering at ASC?
One of the most challenging things that I have experienced is answering some of the calls ASC gets. Sometimes you get calls of people seeking shelter and they are sharing their whole story over the phone with you. It’s hard when they don’t meet the age limit or have children so ASC isn’t the best fit for them. After hearing their story you want to do everything to help them, but over the phone all you can really do is give them some other resources in the area.

Something that is hard personally is that you become attached to the clients. When they get housing and leave the shelter it’s sad not seeing them every day. But then you remember that they are no longer in the shelter, which is so great, which makes me so happy!

What has surprised you most about working with people experiencing homelessness?These people really are like you and me. You pass these people on the street and you think you are different than they are, but you’re not.

How has volunteering at ASC changed your views about homelessness?
Volunteering gave me an opportunity to put myself in their shoes. ASC made me realize the need for shelters and how much they help the homeless community!

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering?
I am a Ministry student at Hardin Simmons University. I volunteered this summer while I was home, and plan on volunteering when I come home during the holidays!

Do you want to get involved? Join us for Austin Street 101 on September 16 at 9am! 


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