Client Stories

Chiquita's Story

“I was an out-of-control, hard-headed teenager.” Chiquita had a strained relationship with her mother growing up. “She used to tell me that she wasn’t really my mom and that she found me on her doorstep,” says Chiquita. Her life became marred by drugs and she was homeless for several years before seeking refuge at Austin Street. The Sisterhood Program provided Chiquita a stable and calm environment to begin her journey of self-improvement. “I am not the same person anymore,” she  says. Before joining The Sisterhood Program, Chiquita described herself as quick-tempered, rambunctious, and untrusting. But now she says, “I’ve settled down and I’m no longer fearful of everything.” Chiquita attributes this progress to the Sisterhood team, who have kept her focused on her goals. The classes and spiritual direction provided by the Program Director was particularly helpful. Chiquita now says, “I’ve learned to place God above all.” With a new lease on life, Chiquita happily moved into a new apartment in August 2021.


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